a modern nail space specializing in manicures
for the tough as nails woman

240 East Illnois Street, Chicago, IL 60611

Why ezza?

We are determined to bring nail care into the 21st century. We embrace technology to offer innovative conveniences and efficiencies specifically tailored to today’s on-the-go woman.


We respect your time.

  • Book appointments online as early as 7:00 am and as late as 8:30 pm. Reserve a convenient time with a credit card that is charged after your service.

  • Use one of our three membership options to get the most value out of regular manicures. Plan ahead by booking recurring appointments online.

  • Done with your service? Get up and walk out. Our streamlined, cashless experience lets you skip checkout because you've already stored your payment information with us.


We embrace technology.

  • Our custom stations offer thoughtful, modern-day conveniences like tech easels, built-in outlets, and dedicated space for your belongings.

  • We’ve eliminated the dreaded polish wall (no more sifting through hundreds of disorganized polishes!). Instead, browse our polish selection online. Select up to four polishes during booking, and we will have them waiting for you.

  • Prefer to pick your polish at our space? We’ve designed a carefully curated, guided polish selection experience that will leave you confident in your color choice.


We encourage nail health.

  • We carry only non-toxic polishes, including an organic and cruelty-free brand. Our manicures are waterless to support extra durability and discourage polish chipping.

  • Our unique gel removal process does not scrape the nail (which can damage your nail plate and leave nails brittle or weak). We use LED gel lamps to avoid exposure to harmful UV rays.

  • We maintain a clean, sanitary environment with the utmost care and diligence.

hooked? become a member.

We are confident that our unique approach to nail care will keep you coming back. That’s why we reward our most loyal customers with our best prices. Invest in an ezza membership to enjoy up to 24% in savings!

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are we nailing it? 

ezza comes from the Italian word "esatto," meaning "exactly."

Our goal is to get it exactly right, every time. We always want to know how we can make your experience even better. Please tell us what we're getting right — and what we're not!