a modern nail space specializing in manicures
for the tough as nails woman

Why ezza?

Our approach is simple, yet revolutionary:
consistent, high-quality nail care without the fuss. We provide a uniquely personalized nail care experience with conveniences specifically tailored to the busy modern woman.



We accommodate your busy life by offering online booking, recurring appointment options, and early morning hours. And gratuity-included pricing means you never have to bring cash.

No more sacrificing weekends or lunch for nail care!


We provide reliable, long-lasting manicures at affordable prices in a clean, odor-free salon. Our skilled technicians ensure that your manicure is flawless and durable, every time.

No more choosing between quality and convenience!


We collect and save your nail care preferences when you book online, so your nail tech always hits the ground running. Our free wi-fi and tablet access invite and encourage multitasking.

No more hour-long productivity dead zone!

hooked? become a member.

We are confident that our unique approach to nail care will keep you coming back.  That’s why we reward our most loyal customers with our best prices.  Become a member to enjoy exclusive monthly discounts, benefits, and up to 24% in annual savings!  


ezza comes from the Italian word "esatto," meaning "exactly."

Our customer profile and consultation process allows us to tailor your manicure so we get it exactly right, every time.